Everyone entering The Bahamas MUST fill out an embarkation-disembarkation card usually provided by the travel agent, airline or ship. Non-residents surrender the specified part when departing.


All persons entering the Bahamas are required to have a valid passport.


The following persons are not required to have visas when entering the Bahamas:

British Commonwealth citizens and landed immigrants of Canada, for visits not exceeding 30 days if in possession of Form 100.
US Citizens entering as visitors for a stay not exceeding eight months.
Alien residents of the US who, upon arrival, are in possession of their national passports and US alien registration cards and work or residence permits for visits not exceeding 30 days.

Nationals of a variety of countries whose visits do not exceed three months (check with the Department of Immigration for this extensive list).
Persons in possession of a valid residence or work permit issued by the Director of Immigration (provided a visa is not required by departing country).

Persons in transit, including stateless persons in possession of a valid refugee or stateless person’s travel document, provided they are in possession of valid passports and tickets to some destination outside the Bahamas and that their stay, while awaiting onward passage on the first available ship or aircraft, does not exceed three days. This exemption does not apply to Haitian or Dominican Republic citizens, who must possess visas even in direct transit by air.

All other persons require visas. If in doubt, check with the Bahamas Department of Immigration. Persons seeking visas to enter the Bahamas should contact the nearest Bahamian consular office.

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